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Out of Box Diwali Gift Options !!!

With Diwali around the corner, the shopping spree takes a pick. While people are busy shopping sweets and crackers, gifting friends and family also is equally challenging. This Diwali listing some unique and out of the box options for your near and dear ones.
Hand Made Cards - Gifting hand made cards are an option for those who are innovative and dare to try new things. Quiled cards, pasted cards, painted cards etc can be options and are highly appreciated.
Self Painted Diyas and Candles - Revive the artist in you and paint the earthen diyas, pots etc and can gift your near ones. You may embellish the diyas and candles with sparkles, different color laces  etc.
Movie Tickets - Gift movie tickets to your friends this Diwali :) Time saving and a much liked gift amongst the youngsters.
Home Decor - You can gift paintings, vases, wall clocks, candle stands, bed-sheets etc. These add grace to one's home and can be an option in case you want to place a safe bet.
Vouchers - In case you have …