Monday 1 October 2018

Visa Process for Spain - Detailed Review

Visa is one of the most important aspect to be covered while one plan for an overseas travel. Schengen visa is required to visit any European country. For our euro trip, our stay was for 10 days in Spain and 5 days in France, hence our port of entry was Spain and it is considered to be the most stringent country in terms of approving visitor visa. Also the duration granted is usually a month or less. One must apply for visa at least 40 days prior to the travel start date. Usually the visa is granted in a week's time, however it may take up to 15 days or more in case any document is missed or more information is sought from the applicant. One can refer to the official website - Schengen Visa Info
However I shall be listing the required details below

List of Documents to apply for Schengen Visa - Port of Entry - Spain
  1. Forms
  • Application Form - Either filled with blue pen or printed online. Must bear the original signature of the document. Must carry 2 copies of the duly filled application form
  • Authorization Form - Duly signed by the applicant
  • Declaration Form - Duly signed by the applicant.
      2. Photographs -
  • 3 Recent photographs, Size 4.5cm * 3.5cm
  • 80% focus on face and ears should be visible
  • White background
  • Not more than 6 months old
      3. Cover Letter from the Applicant - This letter must include purpose and date of travel. Also it must include the details of all the family members accompanying.

      4. NOC from the Company (wherever the applicant is currently employed) - Should include the details of the employee start date, title and leave duration.

      5. Travel Ticket - To and Fro from the home country.
      6. Travel Issuance - Issued by Insurance company as per EU guidelines. Valid for at-least 15 days post the date of return to India. It must have minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros or 50,000 $ and posses sworn declaration of travel insurance signed by the applicant.

      7. Hotel Booking for all days of the trip - Hotel for all travel dates must be covered.

      8. Pan Card copy

      9. Salary Slip for last 6 months - Original Salary Slips will be considered.

     10. Income Tax returns for last 3 years (ITR-V)

     11. One year or at least 6 months personal bank statement with the original sign and stamped from the bank. (Online bank statements are not acceptable) - One must have at-least balance of  5 Lakhs or more.

     12. Passport -
  • Valid for at-least 3 months beyond the stay in Spain with 2 blank pages.
  • Photocopies of all pages of the current passport. (Photocopies of blank pages should also be taken)
  • Carry Old Passport if any. Photocopy of old passport is not required.
Additional Documents for Honeymoon Purpose -
  1. Photographs and Wedding card from both the sides
  2. Income tax return (ITR - V) for last 3 years
  3. Pan Card copy
  4. One year or at least 6 months personal bank statement with the original sign and stamped from the bank. (Online bank statements are not acceptable) - One must have at-least balance of  5 Lakh or more.
After ensuring that all the documents are ready, one can take appointment for the BLS Spain visa application center. Visit the official website - Visa Appointment. Appointment can be taken online and payment needs to be done in person in the center. Post document collection, one will be directed to the finger print collection area. Once the finger prints are taken, your photograph would be clicked (no smile, ears visible and no head gears). Post that you may leave the center and would be notified via the SMS (if opted) for passport collection. The individual has to go in person for document collection from 4-5PM only else you may choose the courier service with additional fees.

Important Points
  • Courier Charges - Rs 350 per passport
  • SMS Charges - Rs 81 per passport
  • Please ensure to fill in correct information while booking an appointment. In case you have entered incorrect name or passport number or any other detail, you will not be able to change later and have to take a fresh appointment
  • One cannot take appointment for the same day as the slots will be grayed out for the individual.
  • However you may call at the BLS center and may ask them to book on your behalf. Would recommend not to go that route as they always suggest Premium Lounge (Rs 2000 per person) whereas it is approx Rs 5700 for the normal slot (which is to be paid at the BLS center). To add they do create panic as well and would try convincing hard for your to end up booking the premium lounge. Beware !
  • To add, never take help from as they would charge hefty and not even review your documents properly. And anyways the individual has to go on his own to the BLS center. Will be writing next post as a detailed review of 
Should you have any queries with regards to filing the application form, feel free to write and we shall revert at the earliest.

Happy Reading and Happy Traveling!

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