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Singapore - 6 Day Itinerary - Day 6 - The Iconic Merlion & Pack Up

The final day of our vacation had to end in a special way. After a hearty breakfast and a speedy fast checkout we left to take a glimpse of the Iconic Merlion. 
Half fish and half lion, the iconic Merlion resides at the famous waterfront Merlion park. The union of a mermaid and a lion is a Singapore Icon and people flock to take a glimpse while visiting this country. Water gushing from the mouth, makes it a perfect spot for capturing memories. The statue stands 8.6 meters tall and weighs 70 tonnes facing east, the direction supposed to bring in prosperity.
Later we rushed to the airport to catch our flight back home! tTips & TricksSingapore is well connected by MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), Buses and Taxis. For tourists one can buy Singapore Tourist Pass, $10 for a day along with $10 as deposit (which is refundable on the return of the pass at the counter). Also one can download app, Grab and travel. It does share some vouchers too for the new registered users... Isn't it cool!