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Top New Year Destination for Couples - Make a Tradition !

With new year around the corner, Break the regular and the ordinary and start a new tradition. Remembering the ups and downs of this year, bid an adieu with the most awaited trip and welcome the power-packed new year. Unlike the rest, make a tradition that matches the destination you choose. Pack up your bags, buckle up and uncover your tradition.
Listing the top few destinations for you -

PARIS - City of Love, one of the top destinations for the couples for new year eve. A Spectacular light show and firework display is the perfect way to welcome the new year. Dozens of people around the bars and flooded clubs, wine and kisses are your chosen way of celebration. Cruises can also be booked for couples who demand privacy. ;)
Make a tradition - Romantic couple choosing this place should make a tradition of taking out their partners on surprise date every month followed by gifts and a long drive if the time permits.

NEW YORK - City that never sleeps, chosen destination for millions of peopl…

Top 10 things to do in the first year - Newly-Wed Bucket List

Happy is the man who finds a true friend and far happier and luckier is the one who gets to live with his friend as his Wife forever. Marriage is a beautiful bond that brings two people all the more closer, wherein both need to accept each other the way they are, be it perfections or flaws. First year being the most crucial year, newly weds should opt making a bucket list. It sounds fancy and trust me its all worth it.
Newly Weds Bucket List -- Here we go :-

Plan a Dream Vacation - Post your honeymoon, dream together and plan a vacation to a distant land that both of you would have dream't about in your childhood. You will get to live your memories with your forever partner. Pick a Joint Hobby - Enroll for any new stuff that can keep both of you engaged. Be it any learning class or an NGO or a task that can be done together. You will get to spend quality time and will learn to appreciate qualities of each other. Celebrate small milestones - Remember dates and surprise your mate. Be …

Neemrana - Delhi Weekend Gateway

With the onset of holiday season, I thought of penning down my Neemrana experience, one of the favorite weekend gateways from Delhi. Neemrana is situated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. The state has beautifully built forts and palaces that depicts the rich culture and heritage.

Me and my husband drove from Delhi to Neemrana and it took us about 2 hours to reach. Situated at a distance of 122 Km, in middle of barren land, the fort is a treat to the eyes. It is a site of the 16th century and was occupied by the Chauhan rulers until 1947. There is a specific parking lot and the fort also have rooms for the overnight stay. Do remember to make advance bookings for your ease. The entry charges are 1900 with a delicious buffet lunch. Caution: Outside food is not allowed inside the fort :P. 
Best time to visit Neemrana is from Sep - March as the weather is quite pleasant in this duration. An ideal duration stay would be 1 day or max overnight stay.
Below are couple of shots that were ca…

Hand Made Cards - Quilling

Hey Everyone ...

Hope you all are doing well in this winter season of merry and love. Each one of us would be busy gifting friends and relatives, so I thought of sharing some pics of quilled cards made by me for my loved ones. These are easy to make and leave a long lasting impression on your dear ones.

Things Required -
Strips of Colored paper of your choiceBase Sheet of your choiceQuilling ToolScissorGlueColored/ Glittered Pens Pics of the Greetings cards -

Shimla - Queen of Hill Stations

Last month, it was a wedding season and I had to visit Shimla to attend my friend's wedding. Considering the onset of winters and the upcoming weekend I planned to convert it into a wedding vacation ...Yipeee ... 2 hours and the tatkal bookings and hotels were all checked, bags packed and we were ready to explore Shimla !!

Day 1 - 19 November, 2016
With the much excitement on, we left New Delhi on Saturday morning in Shatabdi and arrived at Kalka around 11:50AM. Boarded a sharing cab to Shimla and off we were on the zig zag trails. The weather was super pleasant, chilly winds and little sunshine welcomed us to the crowded mall road of Shimla. We trekked onto our hotel which was near to the ridge - Hotel Shiwalik regency, pretty average one, we got a good deal though :P. Tired and exhausted, we crashed onto our beds for almost 3 hours. Post the evening snacks we strolled at the ridge, sneaking the Shimla's dazzling night view. Had a light dinner at the Sher-e-Punjab restaurant …

Out of Box Diwali Gift Options !!!

With Diwali around the corner, the shopping spree takes a pick. While people are busy shopping sweets and crackers, gifting friends and family also is equally challenging. This Diwali listing some unique and out of the box options for your near and dear ones.
Hand Made Cards - Gifting hand made cards are an option for those who are innovative and dare to try new things. Quiled cards, pasted cards, painted cards etc can be options and are highly appreciated.
Self Painted Diyas and Candles - Revive the artist in you and paint the earthen diyas, pots etc and can gift your near ones. You may embellish the diyas and candles with sparkles, different color laces  etc.
Movie Tickets - Gift movie tickets to your friends this Diwali :) Time saving and a much liked gift amongst the youngsters.
Home Decor - You can gift paintings, vases, wall clocks, candle stands, bed-sheets etc. These add grace to one's home and can be an option in case you want to place a safe bet.
Vouchers - In case you have …

Cairns, Australia ... A Magical Wonder !!!

Hey Guys,

Cairns was our second destination in Australia post Sydney. A memorable trip indeed with quite a few bitter experiences as well, all in all it is a must visit place to be. We landed in Cairns just to realize that my husband has lost his zara jacket. We were running through the lost and found department of the airport, but alas ! no luck. Boarded our cab and reached hotel - The Pacific. It was a pleasant weather throughout our 3 day stay in Cairns and drizzled for quite a few hours as well. Sea was rough for the entire duration and we were a little unlucky as we could not enjoy the fun of snorkeling and soak sun at the green island.

We booked a tour from hotel helpdesk. The irish guy was really helpful as he helped in customizing our package. We got 2 deals, one for Kuranda scenic rail + Skyrail and the second one for Great Barrier Reef + Green Island.

Below are the highlights of our stay -

Cairns Esplanade Swimming Lagoon - One cannot enjoy beach as there were jelly fish and…