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Cairns, Australia ... A Magical Wonder !!!

Hey Guys,

Cairns was our second destination in Australia post Sydney. A memorable trip indeed with quite a few bitter experiences as well, all in all it is a must visit place to be. We landed in Cairns just to realize that my husband has lost his zara jacket. We were running through the lost and found department of the airport, but alas ! no luck. Boarded our cab and reached hotel - The Pacific. It was a pleasant weather throughout our 3 day stay in Cairns and drizzled for quite a few hours as well. Sea was rough for the entire duration and we were a little unlucky as we could not enjoy the fun of snorkeling and soak sun at the green island.

We booked a tour from hotel helpdesk. The irish guy was really helpful as he helped in customizing our package. We got 2 deals, one for Kuranda scenic rail + Skyrail and the second one for Great Barrier Reef + Green Island.

Below are the highlights of our stay -

Cairns Esplanade Swimming Lagoon - One cannot enjoy beach as there were jelly fish and…

Brides, Is your Vanity Kit ready ???

With the onset of wedding season, brides would be busy shopping. With all the excitement around, its imperative that your vanity kit gets to the priority list soon or else you would end up compromising on the most important aspect of your beauty, your looks !

I recently got married and have a list of all the makeup essentials that can be added in your kit. You can customize it as per your requirements as well.

Eyeliners - Buy shades that matches the color of your eyes. you have a variety to choose from - roll on / pencil/ waterproof/ matte finish/ glitter etc. Kohl/ Kajal - Black is a must buy for every girl. Application on waterline enhances the look. Different colors can also be tried, however smolder can be used for smoky look.Eye Shadow - In case you do not wear too many eye shadows, prefer buying an eye shadow palette rather than a single color. This shall increase your color range and also will be cost effective. Ensure that the palette has the color matching your wedding …

Top 5 in Sydney ... (Eat, Stay, Travel and Weather)

Top 5 Places to Visit Opera HouseHarbour Bridge - Tallest steel arch bridgeBondi BeachSydney Tower Eye Taronga Zoo - Best for Kangaroo spotting"In case you happen to visit Sydney on a Saturday, do catch a glimpse of Fireworks at Darling Harbour" Top 5 Places to EatFarmhouse Kings Crossest.Guillaume PaddingtonZahiliThe Spice RoomTop 5 Luxury Hotels Pier OneThe LanghamShangri LaThe WestinSwisstoelBest Way to Travel Public Transport is the best way to commute in Sydney. Bus/Train/Ferry/ Taxi, all modes of travel are available in this city.
For more details related to commute are available at the below link.
In my opinion Opal card is the best out of the all. This can be used in both trains, buses and ferries. You need to tap on and tap off while you board/de-board. Kept it as my souvenir as this was the much awaited trip of my life.
Weather in SydneyBest Months to Visit

Sydney in 48 Hours !!! ... Part 2

To be published soon

Sydney in 48 Hours !!! ... Part 1

It was half past 7, me and my husband were totally drained, all thanks to the 18 hours of tiresome journey. We traveled via Air Asia, one of the worst flights to travel in... Almost no leg space, uncomfortable seats and horrible food, even the drinking water was chargeable. But a spark of happiness was beaming, as we were in Sydney, the most coveted place ever since I had viewed Olympics 2000. We booked Shangri la for our 2 day stay and the hotel offers panoramic views of Sydney Harbour. It was chilly cold ... Australia was witnessing its winters and as we snuggled under our sheets, it started raining heavily. A hot cup of coffee was a relief and we were off to sleep.

Day 1 - Jet lagged, we started a bit late. Gorged breakfast, we started our jaunt with a visit to St. Mary's Cathedral, holds the title and dignity of minor basilica. Amazing Architecture with lighting, we spent about an hour and finally moved to Queen Victoria Building, the shopping place and trust me it was heaven…


World weary with life, me and my friend decided to explore the royal city of West India and an instant travel was planned ! Well, call us demented or crackpots, with overnight packing, no bookings and reservations, we hit the road saturday morning for Jaipur. It was late March and weather was pleasant. After 4 hours of journey, finally reached our destination. Blink of an eye and our itinerary was right before us, (thanks to the hotel group for this though ;)) Day 1: 14 March, 2015 Started exploring from City Palace Jaipur, it demonstrates a fusion of Rajput and Mughal Architecture.  Adjacent to it is Albert hall of museum, exhibiting the imperial and majestic holdings of the rulers. As we stepped out of the museum, it was drizzling under a bright sun. Splashing the waters we entered Jantar Mantar- observatory, to quench our scientific curiosity. Next stop was Hawa Mahal, the palace of winds, extremely gallant and beautiful.
Grabing bites, walking up and down the famous Johri and Bapu Baz…


Traveling to varied and distant places, of-course lead to adventure and fun, but most important are the memories, moments captured, enthralling stories, weird talks with strangers that allures an individual to gear up for the next travel. Sounds like a maniac to me (who knows if I am one ;)). But if you are reading this article, I am glad that you have the hindsight to recognize the dilemma that one is in while buying gifts back home for your family and friends. Not really a grueling job, but definitely a demanding task to ensure the best pick for all. Ranging from young to old, casual to classy, cheesy to pricey, I am sure the list will help you pick something for your dear ones way back from your next travel. Souvenirs – Best Recommended for friends you know quite little about Chocolates and Candies – Highly recommended for kids and people with sweet tooth. Apparels – Specifically for people who are brand-marked, an addition from a distant land would mean a lot Accessories– Suggested f…

My Bucket List !!!

Life is a vast ocean of experiences and one should live to the fullest while it is too late to realize your dreams. Yesterday, while quenching my thirst at a coffee shop, I had happen to flip through the pages of a book gifted by one of my dearest friend -“The Little Book of Big Hopes” and I suddenly realized that we all dream but very few have the courage to attempt it in a life time. Dream it, Do It, Live in Hope… as it says, here goes my bucket list.

1. The WanderLust Gene, explore every corner"Visited Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Sydney, Cairns, GoldCoast" - Expandable list ;) 2. Be an Author 3. Art of Learning, (Any Foreign Language) 4. Being Bibliophile 5. Struck by Cupid’s arrow. " Got Lucky this August ;)" 6. Be a Sponsor, help educate the world 7. Luxurious Branded Queen 8. Sports car rider 9. Walk in the clouds, Sky Walk 10. Trek the trails 11. Hot Water Spring Or Volcanoes 12. Be a Matchmaker " Got 2 friends hooked :P " 13. Float in Dead Sea …