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Visa Process for Spain - Detailed Review

Visa is one of the most important aspect to be covered while one plan for an overseas travel. Schengen visa is required to visit any European country. For our euro trip, our stay was for 10 days in Spain and 5 days in France, hence our port of entry was Spain and it is considered to be the most stringent country in terms of approving visitor visa. Also the duration granted is usually a month or less. One must apply for visa at least 40 days prior to the travel start date. Usually the visa is granted in a week's time, however it may take up to 15 days or more in case any document is missed or more information is sought from the applicant. One can refer to the official website - Schengen Visa Info However I shall be listing the required details below
List of Documents to apply for Schengen Visa - Port of Entry - Spain
Forms - Application Form - Either filled with blue pen or printed online. Must bear the original signature of the document. Must carry 2 copies of the duly filled appli…

Madrid, Spain - 3 Days itinerary - Travel Tips

Hola Friends !!!

Madrid - the city of bear and strawberry tree, was indeed our first destination in Europe. It is the capital city of Spain and also known for its political, economic and cultural center. Madrid lies on the river Manzanares and we were lucky to book our hotel right across the river. We stayed at Hotel NH Ribera del Manzanares for 3 nights and had a gala time. Weather was nice and we enjoyed every bit while exploring this city. From history to magic, croissants to chocolates, cathedrals to palaces, this city had it all. Great place for shoppers as well.
Day 1 - 23rd August
We arrived at the Madrid Barajas airport at 08:30 PM after a 14 hour long flight, but I was still an enthu cutlet. The feel of being in a distant land cheers me up against all odds. Quickly grabbed our luggage we approached the information desk in order to buy a SIM card but alas majority of the shops were almost shut and we just managed to book a cab via the airport wifi. The drive to the hotel was a…

La Tomatina, Spain (Review & Safety Tips) ... Experience of a Lifetime!

Hola! Greetings from Spain returned ! 😉

Spain had been a great host and I loved every bit of it. Great architecture, blooming balconies, chocolates loaded, bicycle rides on spanish streets, sweetness of macarons, I was completely overwhelmed. A trip to be remembered for lifetime, the high point being a part of the La Tomatina festival! I hope you remember glimpses from the famous Hrithik Roshan starer - "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara". Thought of penning down my experience for all those who may be excited for splashes of sauciness in the coming years.
#La-Tomatina2018 #Madness #TomatoFestival #Bunol #SpainDiaries #Sauciness
LaTomatina was held on 29th August this year and we were a part of this festival. We had booked 1 day package from Barcelona via Stoke Travel (Charges - 95Euro for 1 day package per person). Ever since we booked, i was bouncing off the walls. Stoke Travel is indeed one of the finest tour operators that we experienced so far in the foreign lands. We had our it…

Emirates Airlines - Flight Experience and Review

Euro Trip, all started with my Emirates flight. All the way from New Delhi to Madrid via Dubai (23rd August 2018, 10 AM local time). We had a halt of 1 and a half hours and that was enough for me to scan all the shops ;) All tickled pink with the thoughts of exploring Spain and France, I just could not wait to board the flight at the airport. While Emirates owns its place in the premium category airlines, it quite stood by it as well. Overall experience was quite good. Will be highlighting the details in my post.
Flight Check-in Experience – Excellent – We had already done the web check-in and were directed to the baggage drop counters. The boarding passes were issued and the bags were dropped.

Boarding and Departure – Excellent – Boarding started timely and the takeoff was smooth. Had to change our planes in Dubai. The whole transit was quite easy and well navigated. The arrival at Madrid airport was on time.

In-flight Experience (Seating, Legroom, Crew Hospitality, Cleanliness) – Exce…

Vueling Airlines - Flight Experience and Review

While I am still struggling to get away with the Jet-lag and choosing my favorite pictures from the trip, I pen down my second flight experience. This time it was Vueling airlines and I traveled from Madrid to Barcelona (26th August 2018, Local Time - 1500 hrs, VY 1500). While there are lot of travel options to move across Europe, I preferred flight for this transit as I was running short on time and had to reach Barcelona the same evening. Detailed reviews are below -
Flight Check-in Experience - Excellent. The person available at the counter was quite warm and helped me and my husband get adjacent seats. To add, she even suggested if the cabin bags could be sent to the baggage drop belt. We were fine with the approach, as that left us free handed to shop at the airport ;). I was glad that she spoke English (We struggled to articulate while we were in Madrid :P) She even guided us the directions towards the gate (H, J, K). Finalized gate number appeared just 20 minutes before the dep…

Flight Review - Air India - Horrible Experience !

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the monsoons. Delhi is absolutely flooded, almost sailing every day, I feel lucky to have skipped couple of such days while I was off on a vacation. ;) I am recently back from my Euro trip, all charged up with energy, almost turned into an enthu-cutlet! Next few days will be busy in writing blogs around the places I had visited and will be sharing pictures as well. Hope you all enjoy and gather some tips and tricks from my travelogue. To begin with, I am penning down the flight reviews. 
Air India Flight Review - Horrible Experience
I had traveled from Paris to New Delhi on 4th Sep flight ( departure time - 10 PM , Paris local time) and the experience was below average. In order words I can term it as horrible. It was a long distance flight and I certainly expected better comfort from Air India. Details are below.
Recline - Horrible. The push button to recline the seat was missing and I traveled the entire 12 hour journey in upright position. On in…