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Working from Home – Time to Deck up your Workspace!

Covid has struck us so hard that travel has come to a complete halt. Confined to our own places, work from home has become the new norm in these trying times. Since the days and nights are now spent on our work stations, it's time to make it lively! Vibrant colors and quirky decor can add so much fun and enthusiasm to a regular boring day job. Sharing some enchanted and charming ideas for your work wonderland.
Quirky Stationery

Add some pastel hued notebooks to your desk and see the magic! 
Cute Pen Stands/ Holders Relive the childhood magical moments while being adults at workspace ;) Will keep you charged all day long.
Mugs and Teacups Long boring meetings - Sip a coffee with your dearest Minions 😎
Vibrant cushions and throws Vibrant cushions and throws can double up the decor. Comfy yet chic decor!
Add some Greens See your plants grow as you work along. Plants help you stay focussed!
Humorous (yet witty) wall decor Add some humor to your work life
You can buy these accessories onlin…