Friday 6 January 2017

Little things that matter

Hey Everyone,

I was reading an article early morning which stated that we at times under estimate the influence of little things in life. What a powerful statement it was, that I planned to jot down few of them for you. While we are busy accomplishing our goals in this competitive world, we tend to overlook these small little things of happiness. Hope you like reading and start appreciating what you would have missed so far.
Image courtesy - Odyssey Online

1. Smile a stranger
2. First drop of rain

3. Hug your spouse when you leave/enter home

4. Feeling the breeze on your face
5. First ray of sunshine
6. Favorite food for lunch
7. Smell of fresh coffee

8. Sound of waves hitting the shore
9. Gazing the stars at night
10. A walk with your partner
11. Aroma of scented candle

12. Freshness of a new book
13. Silly mistakes with your spouse
14. Site of new blooming buds
15. Laughing your heart out

16. Clicking moments and making memories
17.Listening to soft music
18. Gadget free day
19. Feel free and fart loud
20. Dance move in a crowd
21. Kiss on forehead
22. Extension of last dates
23. Hot water bath

24. An extra sleep of 5 minutes in morning
25. Uninterrupted conversation with close friends
26. Window seat or an upgraded seat in flights
27. Speaking jumbled words
28. Feeling comfortable in tattered clothes
29. Day-dreaming

30. Complimentary luxurious toiletries

And there are many more - Keep commenting and let's increase this list !

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