Friday 21 April 2017

Spiritual Rajasthan Trip - Salasar Balaji and KhatuShyam

Hey All,

Happy Baisakhi and Happy Easter !!! I hope you all would have enjoyed the long weekend break. Me and my husband too decided for a trip, a spiritual one this time. We planned to visit Salasar Balaji, place of worship for the devotees of Lord Hanuman, situated in the Churu district of Rajasthan and KhatuShyam dham, place of worship for the devotees of Lord Krishna.

We started on Friday Morning for Salasar from Gurgaon, covering total distance of approx 310 Kms. Started early morning to beat the heat, however we took multiple stops as I was hungry all the time. Eating, sipping tea, getting clicked under the scorching sun, searching for lemonades etc, it was a complete fun. The national highways are absolutely in good shape, however the state highways were bumpy at places and crumbling roads that the drive wasn't that smooth. One has to drive with caution to avoid the jerks. To add there are approx 6-7 tolls on the way while reaching Salasar. (Including the national and state highways). We reached at around 4PM and parked our car near the temple. There are lot of parking lots near the temple (Charges - Rs 50). We spent around half an hour in the temple, offered our prayers and relished the churma prasad. After the darshans, we headed for Anjani Mata's temple, mother of Lord Hanuman. It was just 2 min drive from the Salasar dham. We later proceeded towards Khatushyam the same day which is approx 115Km from Salasar. Exploring the deserted Rajasthan roads, capturing the views of langurs, scenic view of sand, barren land, dried trees all around. We reached KhatuShyam at around 9 and we also attended Shyan aarti. there are lots of Dharamshalas at decent room rate (Rs 700 per night). Early morning we visited the temple again for the darshans, had fulfilling breakfast and started the return journey. We reached around 6 in the evening, had an awesome trip.

I cant share the temple pics as photography was not allowed however sharing a few clippings from Wiki.
Salasar Balaji - Pic Courtesy - Wikipedia

KhatuShyam Ji - Pic Courtesy - Wikipedia

Timings Salasar Balaji - Open on all days from 4:00AM to 10:00PM
Entry Fee - Free

Timings KhatuShyamJi - Open on all days
Winter - 05:30AM - 1:00PM and 5:0PM - 9:00PM
Summer - 04:30AM - 12:30PM and 4:00PM-10:00PM
Aarti Timings - 04:30AM(Mangla Arti), 7:15AM(Shringar Arti), 12:30PM(Bhog Arti), 7:30PM(Sandhya Arti), 09:45PM (Shyan Arti)
Entry Fee - Free

Jai Salasar Maharaj !!! Jai KhatuShyam !!!

Happy Reading , Happy Travelling ... 

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