Sunday 27 August 2017

Langkawi, Malaysia - Day 2 - SkyCable and SkyBridge

Post the Mangrove tour, there was still much to explore. Amazed by the spectacular views of Langkawi, we now planned to take a bird 's eye view of the island. I was definitely much inspired by the movie Don which was shooted here and that lead to my next stop - Langkawi Skybridge and the only way to reach there is the Cable Car/ SkyCab. :) How exciting this sounds... I am sure you must be interested to read more about this along with the Sky Glide experience. So here we go.

Langkawi Skycab -
One can reach the Langkawi cable car or SkyCab ground station by taking a cab or a taxi. You then need to proceed to the ticketing counter and collect tickets for the Skycab. The ticket is a combo which allows entry to the 3D art museum, SkyRex and SkyDome along with the Skycab. You are then allowed to board your Gondola (there are glass bottom, VIP, and private gondola's as well and the price varies accordingly). The journey starts from the ground station and takes you to the middle station. Nature is at its best and you will be amazed by the mesmerizing beauty of this island. After a stroll, you would again onboard a gondola to the top station - the entry to the Skybridge is from here. Langkawi Skycab is the steepest in the world and one's heart almost shrinks when you go up and up. At a point in time, you would feel that the gondola isn't moving and you are hanging up in the air, but the reality is that it moves at a very slow pace that the person doesn't realizes :)
Bird's Eye View from the Middle Station

SkyCabs in motion !

Langkawi SkyBridge and SkyGlide -

An inclinator called the Skyglide links the top station and the Skybridge. It takes approx 2 minutes via the skyglide to reach the bridge and can hold a maximum capacity of 12 people. You can also opt to reach the bridge on foot by taking 300 steps on a steep mountain path. Video of the Skyglide -

Langkawi Skybridge is a 125 metre curved pedestrian cable stayed bridge, with a deck 660 m above the sea level and offers a panoramic view of the island. There are glass sections on the bridge which allows one to take a view of the valley beneath. I almost felt that I can touch the clouds above me, could feel the breeze and the sun amidst the clouds above the sea created such a breathtaking view. 

After soaking the beauty in our hearts and cameras , we came back again via the skyglide to the top station. There is a souvenir shop wherein you can buy articles like magnets, keychains, tshirts etc (although it is expensive). Boarded the Skycab again for our downward journey and reached the ground station. It was an experience of the time lifetime.
SkyBridge - A walk of lifetime

Amidst the clouds 

Reflection of the sun in the sea beneath

Love is in the air !
3D Art Museum, SkyRex and SkyDome

These are additional activities along with Skycab and Skybridge and can be done in an hours time.

  • SkyRex - Visitors take their seats on atram styles simulator and are taken on for a 5 minutes journey while a 3D film is project in the front and sides of the tram to give a realistic experience.
  • SkyDome - It is a 10 minutes show and can accomodate max 50 people. It offers 360 degree of 3D image projections which easily covers your field of view. It is a memorable experience and quite relaxing as well.
  • 3D Art Museum - There are 9 different theme zones and the visitors are encouraged to step inside or crawl into exhibits, interact with the characters and become the subject of the amazing artwork that had been put to display. Capture your moments in your cameras, for the memories of your lifetime.

Operating Hours - 09:30AM-07:00PM on Weekdays and Weekends.

Tickets -

  • RM 55 for an adult (Non Malaysian person) and RM 40 for Child. This ticket includes the SkyCab, 3d Art Museum, SkyDome and SkyRex
  • RM 5 for Skybridge for an adult.
  • RM 10 for Skyglide

Tips -
  • Ensure that you do not have any loose articles while on boarding Gondola as you may have to discard it at the entry. 
  • Check the weather forecast prior to your visit as Skycab moves a bit during windy and rainy days. So if you are scared of heights prefer doing it on a sunny day.
Overall It was an amazing experience and we loved every bit of it.
Remember to share your comments after reading this post or if you had visited, would love to hear your experience.

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