Friday 4 December 2020

Park Plaza Chandigarh Zirakpur - Detailed Review

 2020 has been quite a memorable year filled with both good and ugly memories. While there were moments of loneliness, the year also gave lifetime memories. My cousin got engaged and we had to travel from Delhi to Chandigarh. Amidst Corona we avoided to stay at my relative's place and thought of exploring some 5 star property on this vacation. After lot of contemplation we booked - Park Plaza Chandigarh, Zirakpur andddd .... it turned out to be one of the Worst decision ever!

"Extremely terrible experience". Thought of penning this down to ensure that no one get to experience what I faced. Stayed at this property for 2 nights (16-18Nov) and it was quite a "nightmare". In my opinion this hotel shouldn't be rated 5 star!!! We had booked Superior room but they were really unpleasant and substandard. On raising the concern we got an upgrade to Suite! I was under an impression that may be that will turn out to be better but Alas !!

Sharing below detailed experience along with couple of pics.

1. Security concerns - We were waiting for the front desk to change our room as the room allocated was quite dirty and suddenly someone came in for room freshener spray. Without knocking, the person entered into the room using the master key! Couldn't expect this from a 5 star hotel !!!

2. Stained Linens, curtains and quite pathetic carpets (looked like haven’t been dry cleaned from ages). I would have appreciate zero carpets if they can’t maintain it well.

3. Front Desk - Extremely Irresponsible people. Don’t remember the name but there was a Sardarji during the night shift. Had come back from the engagement function late at night around 1am and the gentleman was without mask (coughing continuously). Is this acceptable ?

4. Extremely slow service - During the checkout had to ask them to send someone for luggage. And I had to literally wait for 20 min. I did check if the hotel was understaffed due to Covid which they denied. If they were running at full capacity, service was extremely poor.

Apart from the above there wasn't any guarantee that the room was unoccupied for the last 24 hours.  

The only feel good factor about this property is the restaurant and the food. Chef was extremely humble and we relished the breakfast to the fullest.

Just 1 call out - There are set menus as due to Covid, buffets are not functional to ensure safety for all.

*** While leaving the hotel staff did offer complimentary pastries, but that honestly can’t cover up for the enough disastrous experience we had.

Overall, it was a dreadful experience. Will never visit this place again! 

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