Tuesday 27 December 2016

Top 10 things to do in the first year - Newly-Wed Bucket List

Happy is the man who finds a true friend and far happier and luckier is the one who gets to live with his friend as his Wife forever. Marriage is a beautiful bond that brings two people all the more closer, wherein both need to accept each other the way they are, be it perfections or flaws. First year being the most crucial year, newly weds should opt making a bucket list. It sounds fancy and trust me its all worth it.

Newly Weds Bucket List -- Here we go :-

  • Plan a Dream Vacation - Post your honeymoon, dream together and plan a vacation to a distant land that both of you would have dream't about in your childhood. You will get to live your memories with your forever partner.
  • Pick a Joint Hobby - Enroll for any new stuff that can keep both of you engaged. Be it any learning class or an NGO or a task that can be done together. You will get to spend quality time and will learn to appreciate qualities of each other.
  • Celebrate small milestones - Remember dates and surprise your mate. Be it month anniversaries or birthdays or festivals or any random day, surprises in any form are always welcomed and known to strengthen the bond forever.
  • Weekend spontaneous plans - At times spontaneity works. Weekend trips, or unplanned movies, plays or any events works quite well. You can go for trekking or cycling or any other sports activity to indulge in as well. A visit to a regular favourite place, eg: coffee shop or a lounge can also work quite good.
  • Make a home together - Let your partner decorate your home or may be your own room his/her way. Shop things together and try fitting in the liking's of both. this will let you know more about your spouse and also will help you agree to occasions wherein there is difference of opinion.
  • Make Investments for your secured future - Small savings for better future. You can start living more as a couple when you see things down the line together. Nothing better than this can give you a feel in this competitive world.
  • Make goals - Sit down and pen the list of things you wish to accomplish together. It can be your individual dreams but turns out best when accompanied with your spouse. You will not only learn to value others goals but also strive for completion as if they were yours.
  • Play, watch, read, drive, sing @ together - During free times, plan to read book series together or watch any TV series, sing your favourite songs out loud or play games at home. The kid in you is always alive and kids are known to gel fast the most. Try the kids way out in first year and the way would last forever.
  • Ignore the Flaws and Appreciate the efforts - Remember marriage isn't tying knot between two perfectionists rather its knowing and loving the other person as it is. Appreciate small things and try to ignore or forgive mistakes of your spouse. Do not let bitterness creep in your relation else it would be hard to come back at the same comfort level.
  • Without Saying- Hugs and Kisses - This goes without saying, hugs and kisses should always be a part and parcel of your life to keep the spark and momentum going forever and ever and ever.

Happy Married Life to All !!!

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