Thursday 29 December 2016

Top New Year Destination for Couples - Make a Tradition !

With new year around the corner, Break the regular and the ordinary and start a new tradition. Remembering the ups and downs of this year, bid an adieu with the most awaited trip and welcome the power-packed new year. Unlike the rest, make a tradition that matches the destination you choose. Pack up your bags, buckle up and uncover your tradition.

Listing the top few destinations for you -

PARIS - City of Love, one of the top destinations for the couples for new year eve. A Spectacular light show and firework display is the perfect way to welcome the new year. Dozens of people around the bars and flooded clubs, wine and kisses are your chosen way of celebration. Cruises can also be booked for couples who demand privacy. ;)

Make a tradition - Romantic couple choosing this place should make a tradition of taking out their partners on surprise date every month followed by gifts and a long drive if the time permits.

NEW YORK - City that never sleeps, chosen destination for millions of people who are party goers. Confetti is released in the sky, turning the magical party spree, on. Counting down the seconds to midnight, a glittering ball drops down the flagpole at Times square building. Couples party hard, scribble their resolutions on the wishing wall and embrace the new year. Fun frolic and party is the chosen way.

Make a tradition - Couples opting this destination are party lovers and can start a tradition of partying hard every fourth saturday of the month. This rejuvenates the spark in the relation and brings two people closer.

SYDNEY - Harbour City, perhaps the chosen destination for waterfront lovers. Sydney harbour bridge and the Opera house marks a striking show at midnight amidst the largest firework display, amazing aerial acrobatics and an aboriginal smoking ceremony, with plethora of illuminated boats at the harbour.

Make a tradition - Couples choosing sydney are food lovers and should make a tradition to hit new eating joints every month. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach and one must try different cuisines and strengthen this bond forever.

RIO DE JANERIO - City of carnival festivities. Millions of people are cramming into sand and enjoy the brazilian celebration that blends the religious, traditional and superstitious beliefs. Concerts, live performances and fireworks complete the final look and feel of the celebration.

Make a tradition - Couple choosing this destination are fun loving and should make a tradition of indulging in different games and activities. For Eg: Board games, puzzles and question games, making pillow forts, marshmallow fights etc, can be real booster for sprinkling love.

HONG KONG - City of dramatic skyline that lights up every year with a dragon dancing across the sky. The city experiences ball drop, replica of NewYork festivities. Locals and visitors enjoy the parties at bars, roof tops, cruise and boats. 

Make a tradition - Couple choosing this destination can start a tradition of couple massage every month. It will not only let you spend more time with your mate but is a relaxing experience with your spouse.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!


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  2. Thanks Anirudh ... Hope you liked the article.


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