Sunday 5 February 2017

North East Trip - Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji - Abode of the clouds, a land of breathtaking beauty and exotic people. Commonly known as Sohra, this place is the wettest place on earth, but nearby place Mawsynram currently holds the record. Situated in the East Khasi hills district, we happened to explore this beauty on 27th Jan and it was all worth.

Top Tourist Destinations of Cherrapunji -
  • Mawkdoh View Point - The first point while entering the Sohra circuit, this place lets you embrace the nature's beauty. On a clear day, you can see lush green valleys as majorly it is covered by clouds.
  • Wahkaba Falls - This is a tiered waterfall close to 170-190 m in height and provides a beautiful view of the valley. During monsoons, there is a heavy flow of the streams, however we visited in winters and were still lucky to have a glimpse of waterfall (although a very thin stream :P) Entry Fee per person - Rs 10
  • Ramkrishna Mission - Started by Swami Vivekananda, this place have turned into a major tourist attraction. Entry is free of cost and one can see the culture of Meghalaya and other north eastern states, dresses, folk dances, major places and the most famous things crafted out of bamboo.
  • Nohkalikai Falls - Highest waterfalls of India and fourth highest in the world. The drive to these falls take you to a cliff from where one can see the water gushing down into a pool of dark blue water. This fall has a sad legend to it. The name of the falls mean the jump of Ka Likai. A woman named Likai had a daughter and had to remarry after her husband died. There was no source of income and hence she became porter and could not pay attention to her second husband. The jealous husband killed the infant and cooked her meat after throwing away the head and bones. When Likai returned home, she found none except the meal. She wanted to look for her daughter, but ate the meat as she was hungry. As she proceeded to eat betel leaves, she found a severed finger near the place. She understood what had happened in her absence and went mad in anger. She started running and jumped off the edge of the plateau and the waterfalls were named after her. There is a saying that these waterfalls doesn't dry even in non monsoon season - Falls of sorrow. Entry Fee per person - Rs 20
  • Nohsngithiang Falls (Seven Sister Falls) - The name is derived from the seven streams that falls down the plateau. Must see attraction during the monsoons, however we could not see a single stream flowing as it was winter season :(. The falls are also called as Mawsmai falls, named after the village.  

  • Mawsmai Caves - One of the major tourist attractions. These limestone caves in Meghalaya are lit enough for the tourists to enjoy the natural formation and leave then awestruck. Indeed one of the natural wonders. Entry Fee per person - Rs 20 

  • Eco Park - This park has been designed by the government so that tourists can enjoy the seven sister falls that is right across this park. From one of the sides there is a view point to observe the Bangladesh plains. During spring season this park observes a wide variety of Orchids. Entry Fee per person - Rs 20
Travel Mode - 
Cheapest way to travel from Shillong to Cherrapunjee is a shared sumo that charges Rs 70 per person. However for a comfortable journey you can hire a taxi that covers the sightseeing as well and charges approx Rs 1500 (price for off season and can go high a bit during the peak season). Local bus transport is also available, however it isn't that frequent. People do travel by bikes as well, however a some of the places, road conditions aren't that good.

Best Season to Visit -
Summer season (March -May) is best to travel as it is pleasant and one can witness the falls as well. At times rain can be a spoilsport. During monsoons, Cherrapunji receives the heaviest rainfall and it is not possible to explore the beauty of this place as the falls and caves are flooded. Winters (October - February) is another good time to visit, however you might find couple of falls dry during this season.

Hope you like this blog, do share your comments and your experiences of Cherrapunji.
Happy Travelling !!!

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