Tuesday 19 March 2019

Vistara Airlines - Flight Experience and Review

Hey Folks,

Quite exhausted by the chill winter breeze of Delhi, I decided to travel to Bengaluru for couple of days during the first week of March. I was super excited to experience some sun and enjoy the initial summers. As I was bouncing off the walls packing my luggage (summery tops and shorts) and booking hotels and travel, I thought of experiencing Vistara airlines this time. Had not traveled with them before and thought of taking a shot at it. Trust me the best decision was Vistara in this entire trip as Bengaluru welcomed me with shocking 37 degrees. 😲😲 I had not packed my sunscreen and was all set for tanning. 😝 It was quite an experience and every passenger received a perfume sample from SKINN by Titan, such a sweet gesture by purple hued Vistara Airlines! Sharing my airline experience in details and some pictures.

  • Flight Check-in Experience – Excellent – I had already done the web check-in (which was quite simple) and was directed to the baggage drop counters. The boarding passes were issued and the bags were dropped.

  • Boarding and Departure – Excellent – Boarding started timely and the takeoff was smooth. The arrival at both the airports was on time. Despite of cloudy weather and turbulence on my return journey, we managed to land timely. Kudos to the pilot!

  • In-flight Experience (Seating, Legroom, Crew Hospitality, Cleanliness) – Excellent - Seating was comfortable. Legroom was spacious and one could move easily between the seats. Crew was quite courteous, responsive and helpful. Cleanliness was well maintained both inside the plane as well as the washrooms. 

  • Menu (Food and Beverage) – Outstanding. They had both vegan and non-veg options. My both the meals were mouth watering delicious dishes and it was absolutely a treat. Food was served hot and timely so that we could enjoy it as well.

  • In-flight Entertainment – Good. In-flight magazine was a good read. Had lot of articles and quiz as well. The Vistara world app can be accessed from your devices. The airlines do promote downloading it in advance to your flight for smooth experience. It has a collection of hollywood and bollywood movies and tv shows etc. and the content is refreshed every month. There is also a live moving map display that allows you to track as you fly.

Picture Gallery
Flight Tickets 
Boarding Passes !
Yummy Food

Mouth Watering Aloo Tikki and Punjabi Chole

For my sweet tooth 😍

Foodie Pics!

Fragrance Love

Paneer Tikka and Stuffed Bread

Sampler - SKINN by Titan

Purple Hued Vistara!

Happy Reading and Happy Traveling !


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