Sunday 4 September 2016

My Bucket List !!!

Life is a vast ocean of experiences and one should live to the fullest while it is too late to realize your dreams. Yesterday, while quenching my thirst at a coffee shop, I had happen to flip through the pages of a book gifted by one of my dearest friend -“The Little Book of Big Hopes” and I suddenly realized that we all dream but very few have the courage to attempt it in a life time. Dream it, Do It, Live in Hope… as it says, here goes my bucket list.

1. The WanderLust Gene, explore every corner "Visited Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Sydney, Cairns, GoldCoast" - Expandable list ;)
2. Be an Author
3. Art of Learning, (Any Foreign Language)
4. Being Bibliophile
5. Struck by Cupid’s arrow. " Got Lucky this August ;)"
6. Be a Sponsor, help educate the world
7. Luxurious Branded Queen
8. Sports car rider
9. Walk in the clouds, Sky Walk
10. Trek the trails
11. Hot Water Spring Or Volcanoes
12. Be a Matchmaker " Got 2 friends hooked :P "
13. Float in Dead Sea
14. Pose with Northern Lights
15. Witness the fall colors
16. Experience Adrenalin Rush, Go Sky diving
17. Sky is not the limit, why not dine
18. Be Sporty " Travelled in the World's longest skyrail at Kuranda, Cairns" - Expandable list ;)
19. Birdie, Ride a Hot Air Balloon
20. Explore, another profession
21.Go Zappy, Go Zip Lining
22. Swim the deep waters, explore Scuba diving or snorkeling
23. Solo Travels
24. Feel the snow and ski all along
25. Kayaking through the caves
26. Underwater Journey
27. Explore Wildlife " Explored Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Daintree Rainforest, Cairns"
28. Vacation on Cruise
29. Get Inked
30. Be a millionaire🙂
I am sure by now you must have been geared up and the article would have been food for your thoughts. Would be glad to know your bucket list as well, get started.

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