Sunday 18 September 2016

Brides, Is your Vanity Kit ready ???

With the onset of wedding season, brides would be busy shopping. With all the excitement around, its imperative that your vanity kit gets to the priority list soon or else you would end up compromising on the most important aspect of your beauty, your looks !

I recently got married and have a list of all the makeup essentials that can be added in your kit. You can customize it as per your requirements as well.


  • Eyeliners - Buy shades that matches the color of your eyes. you have a variety to choose from - roll on / pencil/ waterproof/ matte finish/ glitter etc. 
  • Kohl/ Kajal - Black is a must buy for every girl. Application on waterline enhances the look. Different colors can also be tried, however smolder can be used for smoky look.
  • Eye Shadow - In case you do not wear too many eye shadows, prefer buying an eye shadow palette rather than a single color. This shall increase your color range and also will be cost effective. Ensure that the palette has the color matching your wedding dress as well.
  • Mascara - For the final touch to your eye look up, buy a mascara of your choice. Waterproof or volumizing or lengthening mascara, the market has all. 


  • Foundation - The most important aspect is to buy a good foundation. Do not ever buy a lighter foundation rather it should be an exact match of your skin tone. Preferred ones are matte and that provide full coverage. I personally prefer a natural look and use Mac Lightful tinted cream with radiance booster, SPF 30.
  • Compact - A must buy for touch ups etc. It's mattifying agent and will prevent foundation to settle into fine lines.
  • Blush - Choose at-least one matte and one shimmery blush suiting your skin tone.
  • Make up Brushes - You can buy individual brushes or compact travel brushes. Must have ones are - Foundation brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush and powder brush.
  • Primer - Helps in preparing a good canvas for make up. It boosts the coverage and comabt any shine on your face, thereby letting the make up last longer.


  • Lipstick/ Lip gloss - Pick up shades that would match your skin tone and can be applied on daily basis. Hot red lipstick is generally preferred in the vanity kit of a newly wed bride. you can explore the lip gloss range as well. A clear toned lip gloss can be applied on almost every lip shade. Matt or Glossy lip shades, this can be decided on your preference. 
  • Lip Liner - This can be matched with the set of lip shades you have bought. Buy at-least one neutral shade of lip liner.  
  • Lip Balm - In case you tend to have chapped lips, application of a lip balm is a must. You can apply in the night for a smooth lip base.


  • Nail Paints - Buy nail paints that matches the color of your dresses especially the wedding trousseau. There are matte finish nail paints as well, you can explore them for a wide variety in your kit.
  • Nail Art Stickers - In case you like nail art, can add a sticker packet as well.

Extras -

Apart from the above mentioned you can add on the below as well, not necessarily in the vanity kit. You can prepare an extra pouch with the below items that would be required as well.
  • Comb/ curler can be added depending on your hair type.
  • Water proof make up remover or a cleanser depending on the make up type that you have purchased.
  • A set of sterilized cotton balls for removing makeup.
  • Nail paint remover.
  • Face Wipes in case you have an oily skin type.
  • Tweezer for the last moment usage if required.
Happy Shopping and Happy Wedding !!
Do comment if you think this list to be useful.

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