Monday 5 September 2016


World weary with life, me and my friend decided to explore the royal city of West India and an instant travel was planned ! Well, call us demented or crackpots, with overnight packing, no bookings and reservations, we hit the road saturday morning for Jaipur. It was late March and weather was pleasant. After 4 hours of journey, finally reached our destination. Blink of an eye and our itinerary was right before us, (thanks to the hotel group for this though ;))
Day 1: 14 March, 2015
Started exploring from City Palace Jaipur, it demonstrates a fusion of Rajput and Mughal Architecture.  Adjacent to it is Albert hall of museum, exhibiting the imperial and majestic holdings of the rulers.
As we stepped out of the museum, it was drizzling under a bright sun. Splashing the waters we entered Jantar Mantar- observatory, to quench our scientific curiosity.
Next stop was Hawa Mahal, the palace of winds, extremely gallant and beautiful.

Grabing bites, walking up and down the famous Johri and Bapu Bazar, stealing some traditional sense of the city, trying colorful glass bangles, shopping bandhnis and Japuri quilts we finally made our way to Choki Dhani. It was heavily raining by then, but that’s how you get a kick ! A must visit place for a touch of traditional Rajasthani culture.
Day 2: 15 March, 2015
Had a snowy start to day 2, unbelievable for the month of March in a desert state🙂
After a scrumptious breakfast, we headed towards Amer Fort, surrounded by a beautiful lake adding to its beauty. The fort has an influence of Hindu and Mughal Architecture.
After admiring the beauty, we further advanced to Nahargarhfort. Curling through the wavy roads we finally managed to have a glance of the entire city – birds eye view.
Famished, we barged into a restaurant and gorged, sipped tea and made our way for Jaigarh Fort, which exhibits worlds largest cannon on wheels. (Miniature version below)
On the way back we stopped by Jalmahal, palace in the middle of Man Sagar lake. We stood enthralled, a masterpiece whose beauty cannot be described in mere words. At the very same place, I had my first Camal ride as well. Scary yet full of excitement, it was an utter delight.
Finally we reached out last destination, Birla Mandir(Laxmi Narayan Temple). Stunning beauty with sun shining on the white marble, we thanked the almighty for an amazing trip.
Dead and dreary, killed time munching stuff at World Trade Park and finally hopped onto our buses for Delhi.
Explored the entire city in 2 days, captured lots of moments, sweet memories, bought little things and lived the adventures to the core of our heart …!!!
Hope you enjoyed reading, will be back with another travel diary soon.

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