Monday 10 September 2018

Emirates Airlines - Flight Experience and Review

Euro Trip, all started with my Emirates flight. All the way from New Delhi to Madrid via Dubai (23rd August 2018, 10 AM local time). We had a halt of 1 and a half hours and that was enough for me to scan all the shops ;) All tickled pink with the thoughts of exploring Spain and France, I just could not wait to board the flight at the airport. While Emirates owns its place in the premium category airlines, it quite stood by it as well. Overall experience was quite good. Will be highlighting the details in my post.

  • Flight Check-in Experience – Excellent – We had already done the web check-in and were directed to the baggage drop counters. The boarding passes were issued and the bags were dropped.

  • Boarding and Departure – Excellent – Boarding started timely and the takeoff was smooth. Had to change our planes in Dubai. The whole transit was quite easy and well navigated. The arrival at Madrid airport was on time.

  • In-flight Experience (Seating, Legroom, Crew Hospitality, Cleanliness) – Excellent - Seating was comfortable. There were cushions provided as well along with a good quality blanket. Legroom was spacious and one could move easily between the seats. Crew was quite friendly and helpful. Cleanliness was well maintained both inside the plane as well as the washrooms.

  • Menu (Food and Beverage) – Good. They had both vegan and non-veg options. Plenty to choose from the beverage section too. Food was tasty and hot tea was served (unlike my other flight experience).

  • In-flight Entertainment – Good. There were lot of movies, TV shows and games etc. Both international and regional options are present. In short a full entertainment package. Headphones work well and sound quality is great too.

Happy reading and happy travelling!

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