Sunday 9 September 2018

Vueling Airlines - Flight Experience and Review

While I am still struggling to get away with the Jet-lag and choosing my favorite pictures from the trip, I pen down my second flight experience. This time it was Vueling airlines and I traveled from Madrid to Barcelona (26th August 2018, Local Time - 1500 hrs, VY 1500). While there are lot of travel options to move across Europe, I preferred flight for this transit as I was running short on time and had to reach Barcelona the same evening. Detailed reviews are below -

  • Flight Check-in Experience - Excellent. The person available at the counter was quite warm and helped me and my husband get adjacent seats. To add, she even suggested if the cabin bags could be sent to the baggage drop belt. We were fine with the approach, as that left us free handed to shop at the airport ;). I was glad that she spoke English (We struggled to articulate while we were in Madrid :P) She even guided us the directions towards the gate (H, J, K). Finalized gate number appeared just 20 minutes before the departure time, which created a panic situation for me.
  • Boarding and Departure - Pathetic. Plane arrived an hour late than the scheduled time and the boarding was done in haste. Although the pilot did make up for the delay, we still arrived 20 minutes late than the scheduled arrival time at Barcelona airport.
  • In-flight Experience (Seating, Legroom, Crew Hospitality, Cleanliness) - Good, apart from the fact that the crew was highly disinterested while safety briefing during the take off. Legroom space was just ok. Seats were clean and comfortable to recline as well. Air hostess was available as and when called for help. Plane (washrooms as well) was quite clean and well managed.
  • Menu (Food and Beverage) - Good. There were variety of options to choose. (Both Vegan and Non-Veg).
  • Luggage Receiving Experience at Barcelona Airport - Pathetic. There was no announcement with regards to the belt number for collecting luggage. None from the crew guided to the correct direction. We were de-boarded at one corner of the BCN airport and waited clueless for the luggage for about an hour. Later few passengers (who knew Spanish) went ahead and checked with the airport authorities and we were later moved to another corner of the Airport (The real place for arrivals) to receive our luggage. The entire process took more than 1 and half hour before we finally left airport. I was glad that we received our stuff while few passengers had even reported missing luggage. Phew !
  • Value for Money - Yes, to some extent! Just in case you are not in a time crunch situation and have rest of the day at ease, you may want to travel by this flight as the prices are cheaper than the others. :) Just an added risk of losing luggage ;)

Happy Reading and Happy Traveling!

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