Friday 7 September 2018

Flight Review - Air India - Horrible Experience !

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the monsoons. Delhi is absolutely flooded, almost sailing every day, I feel lucky to have skipped couple of such days while I was off on a vacation. ;) I am recently back from my Euro trip, all charged up with energy, almost turned into an enthu-cutlet! Next few days will be busy in writing blogs around the places I had visited and will be sharing pictures as well. Hope you all enjoy and gather some tips and tricks from my travelogue. To begin with, I am penning down the flight reviews. 

Air India Flight Review - Horrible Experience

I had traveled from Paris to New Delhi on 4th Sep flight ( departure time - 10 PM , Paris local time) and the experience was below average. In order words I can term it as horrible. It was a long distance flight and I certainly expected better comfort from Air India. Details are below.

Recline - Horrible. The push button to recline the seat was missing and I traveled the entire 12 hour journey in upright position. On informing the crew, they asked us to find an empty seat and shift instead of helping us out themselves. Irony is that they did not even bother to take a note of the seat number so that the issue can get fixed for future travelers. Nevertheless, I wasn't lucky to shift either as people slept on empty seats by that time. Lots of passengers faced issue wherein the recline was not getting fixed in any position. 
Legroom space - Good, one can easily move in and out
Seat comfort - Pathetic. Stained and no cushions in the seat.
Foot Rest - Bad condition. They were free and could not be maintained at required height.

Food - Below Average. Cold food was served which wasn’t tasty either. It was hard to gulp down the food. Croissant shared in the morning were soggy. Even the water shared for tea was absolutely cold.

Hospitality - Pathetic. Air hostess was quite cold and even on raising alarm calls, they would not come at your seat. One has to eventually get up and reach pantry area to get the required help. Food was served in haste and there was no gap in between the welcome drink and the food served. It appeared that they had to wind up everything quickly in order to sleep, so dump stuff as quickly as they could.

Flight check-in and travel time - Excellent. We reached 15 min early than the arrival time and also the check-in experience at Paris Airport was good.

In flight Entertainment - Average. Wide variety of movies were there however the head phones were distorted. Majority of them had voice cracking issues and low sound quality.

Hope the above review helps when you decide to choose your flight. Happy Travelling!


  1. Perhaps in future you may heed the warnings about Air India being one of the worlds worst Airlines and fly someone else instead and get what you paid for.

    1. Absolutely. Not worth a single penny. Infact air fare was on higher side as compared to Emirates (which i had flown with for my onward journey).


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